sysdocNZATD Conference 2016 – October 12th & 13th – Ground Control to L&D!


David Bowie epitomised a professional who moved with the times.  He changed and adapted to his audience but the one thing that stayed true was his capability.  A brilliant musician and arranger, he was able to work on a variety of outputs while staying true to the quality of his music. 


In thinking about the theme of this year’s conference we parallel the experience of the L&D practitioner with that of Bowie.  Ground Control to L&D! looks at the need to change while staying true to the underlying expertise and quality that must underpin our outputs.


Ground Control to L&D! addressed the following questions:

  • Ground control – How in touch is L&D with the business?

  • Take off – What are the latest trends that will take L&D to the next level?

  • Reach for the stars – What does the future hold for L&D?